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Developing Godly Qualities

How to Be a Better Person

The Way of Happiness​—Contentment and Generosity

Many think that happiness is equated with assets and wealth. Do money and possessions really bring lasting happiness? What does the evidence suggest?

Enjoy the Benefits of Giving

Giving does you and others good. It fosters cooperation and friendship. How can you be a cheerful giver?

What Does the Bible Say About Gratitude?

Showing this quality has many proven benefits. How can it help you, and how can you cultivate it?

A Mild Temper​—The Way of Wisdom

It is not easy to keep your composure when you are treated unjustly, yet the Bible encourages Christians to be mild-tempered. What can help you to cultivate this godly trait?

How to Be More Patient

Conquer impatience and its negative consequences with these four simple steps.

The Way of Happiness​—Forgiveness

A life filled with anger and resentment is neither happy nor healthy.

Why It Pays to Be Honest

First-person accounts demonstrate the value of honesty.

Is Anything Right or Wrong Anymore?

Consider two reasons why God’s moral guidance in the Bible is so valuable.

Good Relationships With Others

Prejudice​—Show Love

Showing love can remove prejudice. Consider some specific ways.

The Way of Happiness​—Love

Giving and receiving love play an important role in one’s happiness.

Tailor-Made and Timeless Values—Love

The Bible often mentions love, but rarely is it referring to romantic or sexual love.

Kindness​—Essential in the Sight of God

Should you be concerned about being kind to all people? How does God view this quality?

What Makes a Good Friend?

Most people feel it’s important to have good friends. How can you be a good friend to others? This article examines four guiding principles found in the Bible.

How to Promote Peace in the Family

Can the Bible’s wisdom create peace where it doesn’t exist? See what people who have applied it have to say.

Forgive Freely

In order to forgive, must we minimize or even ignore how much we have been hurt?

How to Control Your Anger

Giving in to anger can damage your health, but so can suppressing your anger. So what can you do when your mate really annoys you?