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Building Faith in God

Why Believe in God?

Does God Exist?

The Bible answers with five compelling lines of evidence.

Getting to Know God

Who Is God?

Does God have a name and does he care about us?

What Is God’s Name?

Did you know that God has a name that uniquely identifies him?

How Can You Know God Personally?

Seven steps can help you to build a friendship with Him.

We Learn About God From His Prophets

Three faithful prophets help us learn about God and how to receive his blessing.

Can We Really Find God?

Aspects of God that are beyond comprehension can actually help you to know him better.

Can You See the Invisible God?

Learn how to use “the eyes of your heart.”

The Truth About God and Christ

What is the difference between Jehovah God and Jesus Christ?

What Is God Like?

What are God’s foremost qualities and attributes?

Does God Notice You?

What evidence proves that God is keenly interested in your welfare?

Does God Have Empathy?

The Bible assures us that God notices, understands, and feels for us.

The Value of Faith

Why We Need God

Find out how a relationship with God can lead to a happy and meaningful life.

What Does the Bible Say About Faith?

The Bible says that ‘without faith it is impossible to please God well.’ Just what is faith? How can you acquire it?

Is Religious Faith an Emotional Crutch?

Rather than encourage blind faith, the Bible urges us to use our power of reason and consider the evidence.

Bible Truth Satisfied My Thirst for Answers

Mayli Gündel stopped believing in God when her father died. How did she gain true faith and find inner peace?

I Gave Up on Religion

Tom wanted to believe in God but became disillusioned with religion and its empty rituals. How did his study of the Bible help him to find hope?

Challenges to Faith

How to Break the Cycle of Hatred​—Conquer Hatred With God’s Help

God’s holy spirit can help you develop qualities that counteract hate.

Is Religion Just Another Big Business?

In some churches, most who attend are poor but the preacher is extremely wealthy.

Should We Question God?

Where can we find satisfying answers to life’s important questions? Can we ask God?

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

The Bible provides a satisfying and comforting answer.

Why Do People Say That God Is Cruel?

Many people feel that God is cruel or indifferent. What does the Bible say?

Drawing Close to God

Do You Feel Close to God?

Millions of people are convinced that God views them as his friends.

How Can You Draw Close to God?

Find out whether God listens to all prayers, how we should pray, and what else we can do to draw close to God.

God’s Greatest Gift—Why So Precious?

What factors make one gift more valuable than another? Giving thought to such factors can help us deepen our appreciation for the ransom.

Can We Really Please God?

The answer can be found in the lives of Job, Lot, and David, all of whom made serious mistakes.

How Can You Live Forever?

The Bible promises that those who do God’s will can live forever. Consider three things he wants us to do.

How God’s Care Can Benefit You

The Scriptures help us to build faith in God’s promises for a wonderful future.