This issue considers what it means to be truly successful in life. Also, learn how Jehovah’s Witnesses are united in an international brotherhood.

Kpɔ Nyuie Be Nàgazã Biblia Abe Afakagbalẽ Ene O

Some believe the Bible has magical powers. What do you think? How can you really benefit from the teachings of the Bible?

Nu Kae Nye Dzidzedzekpɔkpɔ Vavãtɔ?

What does it mean to be successful in life? Consider the examples of King Solomon and the apostle Paul.

Ènye Aƒedzikpɔla Aɖe Si Dzi Woka Ðo!

All who serve God are stewards. What three principles can help us to carry out this responsibility?

Nyabiabia Siwo Tso Exlẽlawo Gbɔ

How should Christians view preserving embryos? How can Bible students qualify for baptism if they cannot legally marry?

Èɖo Ŋku Wo Dzia?

Have you carefully read the recent issues of The Watchtower? Test yourself and see what you remember.

Míayi Edzi Anɔ Anyi Abe “Ame Siwo Li Hena Ɣeyiɣi Kpui Aɖe” Ene

What does it mean to be “temporary residents” in this system? What is expected of all true Christians?

“Ame Siwo Li Hena Ɣeyiɣi Kpui Aɖe La” Wɔ Ðeka Le Tadedeagu Vavãtɔ Me

How are Jehovah’s Witnesses unitedly preaching as part of an international brotherhood?

Eŋlisigbe Gbetakpɔxɔ Si Le Bɔbɔe Wu Nu Ka Tae Míele Etam Ðo?

Read how adults and children are benefiting from this edition of The Watchtower.

Nyawo Diƒe Ƒe 2012 Ƒe Gbetakpɔxɔ

An index of all articles published in the 2012 Watchtower! listed by subject.