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If You Could See What I See

If You Could See What I See


  1. 1. I’m just a cart made up of bits and pieces—

    A frame, a handle, and some wheels.

    But I’m a cart that helps to give a witness.

    What is that like?

    Let me tell you how it feels.


    If you could see what I see,

    If you could visit all the places that I go,

    If you could see the people there

    And get a glimpse of all the faces that I get to know,


    If you could hear what I hear

    When they see things they’ve never had a chance to see,

    That’s when you’ll see how it can be

    That forever they’ll remember me.


    I’ve got wheels; I’ve got racks;

    I’ve got books, and I’ve got tracts.

    I take the Kingdom message ev’rywhere.

    When the crowds pass me by,

    I’m designed to catch their eye.

    Wherever people gather, count on me ’cause I’ll be there.


    If you could do what I do,

    You’d know the happiness that always fills my heart.

    What a feeling to go wheeling!

    I’m so glad to be a public-witness cart.