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About Jehovah’s Witnesses

If you want to contact us, attend one of our meetings, request a free Bible study, or simply learn more about us, this section will help you. We also invite you to see our work in action by touring one of our offices.

Free Bible Study Program

Baebu Hynh Pawkiaccu Mou Ccangku lang Accang?

Laephi pyngpi e riataelei ccungccaw patae hae tuh, hingnaw te asekuh paw bakhianaw aphi hae kha, Baebu kya te amuih vae hae. Nangso, e aphi hae hynh na nyh ry khyh tou?

Zahova Ccaeccei Hae Bua Paebua Lang Ngianaw

Zahova Ccaeccei hae te Baebu kong ccangkheit hokuh oh, tukhyhze ame leite Baebu ccangkunaw program kha ngia hae.

Meetings and Events

Zahova Ccaeccei Hae kya-e Pungkunaw Hae

Kaening nynh paw hmin kyamou kae pungkuh zah pawtemou Pachia kae beih cipaw kha ccung tua.

Jesu Chinaw Liathuinaw

Kum ccakyh ccungccaw ccaang patae nynh Jesu chinaw liathuinaw mang lang a pungkuh hae. E a bapi paw kong nynh namaw kha pawtemou thanenaw ae pya cipaw kha ccangkuhlang kae hyy bua.

Thungpang Adyngnawte—Laephi pyngpi

  • 240​—Zahova Ccaeccei hae a ungnaw hae rang

  • 8,683,117​—Zahova Ccaeccei Hae

  • 9,618,182​—Ameleite Baebu ccaw ccangpyanaw hae

  • 20,919,041​—Khri chinaw Liathuinaw kya a pungkuh haepaw

  • 119,712​—Beihnaw inn hae