On the third day after his death, Jesus was resurrected. On that day he appeared to his followers five different times. Jesus continued to appear to them for 40 days. Then, while some of his disciples watched, Jesus ascended to heaven. Ten days later God poured holy spirit on Jesus’ followers waiting in Jerusalem.

Later, enemies of God had the apostles thrown into prison, but an angel freed them. The disciple Stephen was stoned to death by opposers. But we learn how Jesus chose one of these opposers to be his special servant, and he became the apostle Paul. Then, three and a half years after Jesus’ death, God sent the apostle Peter to preach to the non-Jew Cornelius and his household.

About 13 years later Paul began his first preaching trip. On his second trip Timothy joined Paul. We learn how Paul and his traveling companions had many exciting times in serving God. At last, Paul was put in prison in Rome. Two years later he was set free, but then he was put in prison again and killed. The events of PART 7 happened over a period of about 32 years.