SEPTEMBER 20, 2018

Florence Devastates Southeastern United States

Florence Devastates Southeastern United States

Tropical Depression Florence has inundated large parts of North Carolina, South Carolina, and other states with floodwaters. Initially a Category 4 hurricane, Florence has killed at least 32 people and displaced thousands.

The United States branch reports that no publishers have been killed or seriously injured by the storm, although over 4,000 Witnesses have been displaced. Though conditions are improving, some areas are still not accessible due to high floodwaters. Current assessments indicate that the storm damaged 351 homes of our brothers and sisters and 21 Kingdom Halls.

Food, water, clothing, shelter, and basic medical needs are being coordinated through a Disaster Relief Committee (DRC). Relief efforts include the work of two tree removal crews who are assisting with the widespread damage. With flooding now becoming the major concern, volunteers from local congregations and others invited from elsewhere are coming to assist and will be working under the direction of the DRC. Local elders and circuit overseers are making shepherding visits on those affected.

We pray for our brothers and sisters who are dealing with difficult circumstances as a result of the recent storm and look forward to the time when we will “feel no dread.”—Isaiah 12:2.