DECEMBER 2, 2019

Major Flooding in Togo

Major Flooding in Togo

Heavy and prolonged rainfall in Togo during the 2019 rainy season has led to significant flooding on the outskirts of Lomé, Togo. Two hundred and fifty-seven publishers from seven different congregations have been affected. Relief efforts are underway.

In some of the affected areas, water levels in buildings reached up to one meter (3 ft 3 in), forcing 51 of our brothers and sisters to evacuate their homes. Publishers nearby have opened their homes to care for the needs of those displaced.

Floodwaters contaminated some of the water sources in the area. The Benin Branch Committee, which oversees the work in Togo, has arranged to distribute necessary relief supplies through the circuit overseer and local elders. These supplies include water purification tablets, disinfectant, and bleach.

We pray for Jehovah’s blessing on our brothers in Togo as they demonstrate self-sacrificing love for one another.—John 13:34, 35.