JUNE 5, 2019

South Africa Copes With Torrential Rains and Floods

South Africa Copes With Torrential Rains and Floods

Heavy rains hit the eastern coast of South Africa in late April 2019. The prolonged rains caused flooding and mudslides in several areas in and around Durban, KwaZulu-Natal province. News reports indicate that at least 70 people have died.

The South Africa branch reports that no brothers or sisters were injured or killed. However, the homes of at least 19 families were damaged by mudslides or flooding. Floodwaters also damaged at least three Kingdom Halls.

Under the direction of the Disaster Relief Committee, Local Design/Construction volunteers are investigating the extent of the damage to each home. Where the safety of the brothers is at risk, arrangements are being made to accommodate them elsewhere.

We are confident that Jehovah will continue to support our brothers and sisters in South Africa as they face these challenging circumstances.—Psalm 34:19.