FEBRUARY 20, 2019

Long-Term Relief Work in Puerto Rico Reaches Completion

Long-Term Relief Work in Puerto Rico Reaches Completion

Jehovah’s Witnesses officially finished their extensive relief work in Puerto Rico in September 2018, one year after Hurricanes Irma and Maria wreaked havoc on the island. The project required the mobilization of thousands of volunteers from around the United States branch territory.

The Disaster Relief Committee, set up by the United States branch office, organized 10,000 local publishers from Puerto Rico to support the relief efforts. Another 8,000 brothers and sisters, some coming from as far away as Alaska, the Bahamas, and Hawaii, also volunteered to help with the work.

A group of ten volunteers that helped with the Puerto Rico relief work.

During the relief project, the volunteers repaired 106 Kingdom Halls and 2 Assembly Halls that were damaged by the hurricanes. Additionally, 783 of our brothers’ homes were repaired and another 73 were rebuilt. A number of brothers who were affected by the storms received assistance through a government agency or homeowners insurance.

Construction volunteers rebuilding a house that was destroyed in Lajas.

Lorne Kowert, who serves on the Disaster Relief Desk at the United States branch, says: “Now that the work is complete, the memories of what has been accomplished will continue to strengthen not only our brothers affected by the storm but also those who helped with the rebuilding work.”

Before and after photographs of a sister’s home in Lares.

Along with our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico, we are grateful for the loving care that Jehovah provides through the worldwide brotherhood.—1 Peter 5:7.