NOVEMBER 7, 2018

Witnesses Bring Relief to Flood Victims in Japan

Witnesses Bring Relief to Flood Victims in Japan

Over 47,000 of our brothers and sisters live in the regions of western Japan that were devastated by floods in July 2018. Soon after the disaster, some 4,900 volunteer relief workers swung into action to clean and repair damaged homes of Witnesses and Kingdom Halls.

Volunteers remove debris from the Kingdom Hall pictured in the lead image.

Under the direction of three Disaster Relief Committees, our brothers and sisters have cleaned and repaired nine Kingdom Halls that were damaged by floodwaters. An additional Kingdom Hall is in the process of being repaired. Also, 184 homes of Witnesses have been repaired or stabilized, and another 11 homes are scheduled to be repaired this year.

Before and after photographs of a Kingdom Hall in Ehime.

The Abe family from Ehime pictured after the brothers completed repairs on their flood-damaged home.

Taro and Keiko Abe, who have three children, were one of the families in Ehime who received assistance. Just three days after the family’s house was flooded, brothers from the local circuit arrived and started to repair their home, which included replacing the damaged flooring. Additionally, local Witnesses donated new beds and desks for the children.

On September 20, 2018, Governing Body member Geoffrey Jackson, who was in Japan for an assignment, took the opportunity to deliver an encouraging talk at a special meeting originating in a Kingdom Hall in Okayama. The combined total of 36,691 brothers and sisters, which included some who were affected by typhoons and earthquakes that occurred during the same period in Japan, listened as Brother Jackson explained how Jehovah always cares for and comforts His people in all their trials. Brother Jackson also took time to speak consolingly to individual victims of the disaster.

Along with our brothers and sisters in Japan, we are grateful to be a part of Jehovah’s organization, which demonstrates love in action and reflects the care of our heavenly Father.—2 Corinthians 1:3, 4.

Brother Geoffrey Jackson, a member of the Governing Body, meets with a sister in Okayama who was affected by the flooding that devastated western Japan in July 2018.