OCTOBER 10, 2018

Trami: Most Recent Typhoon to Pummel Japan

Trami: Most Recent Typhoon to Pummel Japan

Typhoon Trami, a Category 1 storm, struck southern Japan on Sunday evening, September 30, 2018, bringing high winds and heavy rainfall. The storm reduced intensity as it continued north over the weekend, eventually reaching Tokyo by Monday, October 1. Three people were killed, some 200 were injured, and over 1.3 million homes were left without power.

According to reports from circuit overseers, the island of Okinawa, in southern Japan, was the most affected. The initial investigation from the three circuits in Okinawa and surrounding areas revealed that none of our brothers were killed but nine suffered injuries. The typhoon also damaged some 120 homes of our brothers and 5 Kingdom Halls on the island of Okinawa. An additional 41 Kingdom Halls sustained damage as the storm passed through other regions of Japan.

Local circuit overseers and members of the Local Design/Construction Department are continuing their investigation to determine the extent of the damage and organize the spiritual and material relief needed.

Our prayers continue to be with our fellow worshippers affected by this storm and other natural disasters that have recently struck Japan. We trust that our heavenly Father will continue to comfort the hearts of our brothers and make them firm.—2 Thessalonians 2:17.