APRIL 29, 2019

Construction Begins on New Branch Facility in Argentina

Construction Begins on New Branch Facility in Argentina

In August 2018, construction of a new branch office began in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The facility will include an office building with 136 workstations and two residential buildings with 98 rooms. Unlike the current branch complex, which is spread over several properties, the newly designed facility will centralize operations in one structure, thus improving the efficiency of the work. The photo gallery below is a look at the start of the construction.

The property totals 8,524 square meters (91,758 sq ft) and is located outside of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.


August 2018: The design team, staffed by ten brothers and sisters, worked for 18 months to prepare the architectural plans.

September 2018: Holes are drilled deep into the ground to prepare the foundation for the addition of structural pillars. Because of the terrain, 103 cylindrical piles will be placed to a depth of 38 meters (125 ft) for increased structural stability.

November 2018: A 33-meter-high (108 ft) crane is being used during the project.

November 2018: Safety is a primary concern during the crane assembly and is emphasized during all phases of the project.

January 2019: Heavy machinery is used to excavate trenches to accommodate the elevator shafts.

March 2019: The foundation of one of the structures is reinforced with rebar before the concrete is poured.