DECEMBER 10, 2019

Major Earthquake Strikes Albania

Major Earthquake Strikes Albania

None of our brothers were killed or injured in what is being called the strongest earthquake to hit Albania in 40 years. However, 35 of our brothers’ homes and 3 buildings used as Kingdom Halls were deemed unsafe.

The 6.4-magnitude earthquake hit Albania on November 26, 2019. The quake killed 51 people, injured more than 3,000, and displaced thousands from their homes. Witnesses displaced by the earthquake are either living with relatives or brothers and sisters from other congregations. Congregations whose Kingdom Halls were damaged are meeting in Kingdom Halls in safer areas.

One elder explained how being prepared for disasters helped his family: “The minute the earthquake struck, we immediately grabbed our ‘go bags’ and ran out of the house. We were able to use important items stored in our bags: blankets, water, medicine, and food. We thank Jehovah and the Governing Body for the love and care they show us.”

Circuit overseers immediately went to the affected areas to shepherd and encourage our brothers. One circuit overseer and his wife were displaced because their apartment was damaged. Despite facing this challenging situation, the circuit overseer and his wife have spent hours encouraging others.

Brothers from the Branch Committee have also visited hard-hit areas. A Disaster Relief Committee is overseeing the ongoing relief efforts.

We pray that our brothers and sisters in Albania can have endurance. We look forward to our future hope when there will be no more natural disasters.—Romans 8:25.