A Prayer of Thanks

A Prayer of Thanks

(Psalm 95:2)

  1. 1. Gracious Jehovah, we praise you and thank you.

    Father, we make these expressions in prayer.

    Trusting in you, we will serve you completely,

    Knowing we thrive under your tender care.

    Daily our errors reveal imperfection.

    For our transgressions forgiveness we seek.

    Thankful we are that our lives have been ransomed.

    Thankful we are that you know we are weak.

  2. 2. Grateful we are that you show love and kindness.

    Thank you for drawing us closer to you.

    Teach us to know you, and help us to serve you.

    Show us the way to be loyal and true.

    Thankful we are for your powerful spirit.

    Grateful we are for the courage to speak.

    May we be humble and happy to serve you;

    May we give thanks, for you favor the meek.