Glad I Passed the Test

Glad I Passed the Test
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  1. 1. Seems like there’s something ev’ry day,

    Some new test that comes my way—something ev’ry day.

    I never know what it might be.

    But whatever it might be, I know I have the key

    ’Cause I can face it if I’m steady,

    And prepare so I’ll be ready​—

    How to act and what to say

    When a challenge comes my way.

    At times it’s tough for me out there,

    And so I turn to God in prayer.


    I pray I’ll pass each test—

    Ev’ry one that comes my way.

    I pray I’ll pass each test,

    And be faithful through the day.

  2. 2. Some things I know I’ll face again,

    Like the pressure to fit in—face it once again.

    There will be times when other kids

    Do the things that God forbids—the things that God forbids​—

    And pressure me to go along with

    Kids I know I don’t belong with.

    That’s the time I call to mind

    I don’t want to be that kind

    ’Cause I’m a Witness for God’s name,

    So there’s no cause to be ashamed.


    I’m glad I passed the test.

    I was faithful all day long.

    I’m glad I passed the test.

    I’m glad that I was strong.