Song 98

Sowing Kingdom Seed

Sowing Kingdom Seed

(Matthew 13:4-8)

1. Oh, come all you slaves of Jehovah,

Who’ve given your heart and your soul.

Come out to the work of our Master,

And learn from his steps and his role.

The seed of the truth, you sow without fear

On hearts that are able to yield

Fine fruit to God’s praise as you faithfully work,

And you do your full share in the field.

2. Some seed that you sow will be scattered

On hearts as resistant as stone.

Though these may respond for a season,

The want of their hearts will be known.

When thorns choke the word, then greed fills their hearts;

The things of the world they prefer.

Yet, some seed may prosper; you will see results

From the ground that is good, fine, and pure.

3. How much of your work is successful

May often depend much on you.

With patience and love for your neighbors,

Their hearts may be opened anew.

By being alert you’ll ward off their fears,

With measures some gentle some bold.

And thus with rejoicing you can hope to reap

At least thirty if not hundredfold.