Song 96

Seek Out Deserving Ones

Seek Out Deserving Ones

(Matthew 10:11-15)

1. In preaching the Kingdom, our Lord showed the way,

Instructing us how to proceed:

‘Wherever you go, seek in earnest to find

Those aware of their spiritual need.

By greeting the household and wishing it peace,

To deserving ones peace you’ll impart.

If others should spurn you or turn you away,

Shake the dust from your feet and depart.’

2. All those who receive you receive him as well.

Their heart God will open up wide.

Their right disposition for unending life

Will impel them to serve at your side.

And never be anxious about what to say,

For Jehovah will help you to speak.

Your answer when gracious and seasoned with salt

Will appeal to the humble and meek.