Song 39

Our Possession of Peace

Our Possession of Peace

(John 14:27)

1. Praise Jehovah, God of peace,

God of unity.

He will make all wars to cease,

Bring in harmony.

Prince of Peace is Christ his Son,

Tender, calm, and kind.

When the fight for right he’s won,

Perfect peace we’ll find.

2. We have left off angry words,

Making quarrels cease.

We have made from spears and swords,

Implements of peace.

If this peace we want to keep,

Then we must forgive.

Peacefully as Jesus’ sheep,

May we learn and live.

3. As a fruit of righteousness,

Peace we all must bear,

Proof of wisdom from above,

Gained through heartfelt prayer.

We would recommend our way,

Show our peaceful care

Till the Kingdom’s perfect day

Brings peace ev’rywhere.