Song 49

Jehovah Is Our Refuge

Jehovah Is Our Refuge

(Psalm 91)

1. Jehovah is our refuge,

Our God in whom we trust.

His shadow is our shelter;

Abide in it we must.

For he himself will us defend,

Upon his might we can depend.

Jehovah is a stronghold,

Giving shelter to all the just.

2. Though thousands will be falling

Along your very side,

Among those who are loyal,

In safety you’ll reside.

You will not need to quake with fear,

As though great harm to you were near.

Your eyes will merely see it,

Underneath God’s wings you’ll abide.

3. Protection God will give you

From snares along your way,

And never will you falter

In fear or in dismay.

The maned young lion, you’ll not dread;

Upon the cobra you will tread.

Jehovah is our refuge,

Ever guarding us on our way.