Song 121

Encourage One Another

Encourage One Another

(Hebrews 10:24, 25)

1. As we encourage one another

To serve Jehovah faithfully,

We find the bonds of love are strengthened;

Fine works bring peace and unity.

The love we find among God’s people

Gives each the courage to endure.

Our congregation is a refuge,

A place where we can feel secure.

2. A word when spoken at the right time

Is, oh, how comforting to hear!

We hear these words of consolation

From friends so faithful and so dear.

How good it is to work together

With those whose hopes and goals we share!

We seek to strengthen one another

And help each one his burden bear.

3. As we with eyes of faith are seeing

The nearness of Jehovah’s day,

We need our gathering together

To keep us walking in the way.

United with Jehovah’s people,

We hope to serve eternally.

So we encourage one another

To hold to our integrity.