Song 47

Declare the Good News

Declare the Good News

(Revelation 14:6, 7)

1. The fullness of the Kingdom truth was long concealed.

The truth about the promised Seed is now revealed.

Jehovah in his mercy and his love of right

Considered man’s condition in his sinful plight.

He formed his purpose that his Son should rule the earth;

In God’s due time the Kingdom rule would be brought to birth.

And that he might arrange to bring his Son a bride,

A little flock of chosen ones is glorified.

2. The good news that we now declare was long foreknown.

Jehovah wills that in this time it shall be shown.

Along with us, his angels take delight to share,

To aid us as the Kingdom truth we now declare.

We have the duty and the honor in these days

To sanctify his name and give him his rightful praise.

We’re honored as his Witnesses that name to bear

With everlasting good news that we now declare.