Song 48

Daily Walking With Jehovah

Daily Walking With Jehovah

(Micah 6:8)

1. Hand in hand with our dear Father,

We would humbly walk with him each day.

Oh, how undeserved his kindness

That he grants to those who seek his way!

God for us has made provision

That we thus can take his hand.

So we make our dedication;

With Jehovah we take our stand.

2. In this day of mankind’s judgment,

As the system’s end is drawing near,

We are faced with opposition

That could make us turn away in fear.

But Jehovah gives protection;

Close to him we want to stay

That we might forever serve him.

Love him loyally, never stray.

3. Help for us God has provided

Through his spirit and his written Word,

Through the Christian congregation,

Through assurance that our prayer is heard.

As we’re walking with Jehovah,

He will help us do what’s right,

Help us imitate his kindness

And walk modestly in his sight.