Song 107

Come to Jehovah’s Mountain

Come to Jehovah’s Mountain

(Isaiah 2:2-4)

1. Raise your eyes and behold,

Far above the highest hill.

There stands Jehovah’s mountain

Lifted up in this day.

People come from afar,

Ev’rywhere from sea to sea,

Calling to one another,

‘Come serve God and obey.’

Now the time has arrived

For the small, a great nation to be.

As we grow and we thrive,

God’s direction and blessing we see.

Millions now come to God

And accept his sov’reignty.

Loyal they vow to be

And from his side never stray.

2. Jesus gave the command

To go forth and preach the word.

Good news about the Kingdom

Reaches all men today.

Christ now rules from on high,

Urging all to take his side.

Meek ones who hear his voice

Let God’s Word show them the way.

What a joy to behold

How a great crowd continues to grow!

Yes, we all have a share,

Helping others Jehovah to know.

Let us lift up the voice,

Calling out for all to hear,

‘Come to Jehovah’s mountain,

Here forever to stay.’