Song 77

Be Forgiving

Be Forgiving

(Psalm 86:5)

1. Lovingly Jehovah

Made provision through his Son

For our sins to be forgiven

And for death to be undone.

If we truly are repentant,

His forgiveness we can claim

On the basis of Christ’s ransom,

Asking pardon in his name.

2. We receive such mercy

When we act like God above

And forgive each other freely,

Showing empathy and love.

Putting up with one another,

Putting hurtfulness away;

Showing honor to our brother,

Showing love’s surpassing way.

3. Mercy is a virtue

That we all should cultivate.

It will keep us from resentment,

From the bitterness of hate.

When we imitate Jehovah,

Who is unsurpassed in love,

We will truly be forgiving;

We will be like God above.