Song 42

“Assist Those Who Are Weak”

“Assist Those Who Are Weak”

(Acts 20:35)

1. Many are the weaknesses

That we all possess.

Still Jehovah cares for us,

Loves us nonetheless.

He is so merciful;

His love, so powerful.

May we too display such love,

Help those in distress.

2. ‘Who is weak, and I’m not weak?’

Paul did empathize.

With Christ’s blood we all were bought,

Life to realize.

Weak ones to God belong,

Hence he can make them strong.

May we feel their pain and cares,

Help them dry their eyes.

3. Rather than condemn the weak,

We should bear in mind

How much we can strengthen them

By our being kind.

May we be diligent,

Give them encouragement;

As we lend our kind support,

Comfort they will find.