Song 13

A Prayer of Thanksgiving

A Prayer of Thanksgiving

(Psalm 95:2)

1. Gracious Jehovah, deserving of praise,

To you, O Sov’reign, our voices we raise.

We bow to you, O Great Hearer of prayer,

Placing ourselves under your tender care.

Daily our errors reveal we are weak;

For our transgressions forgiveness we seek.

Look! with the blood of your Son we were bought.

Now our desire is by you to be taught.

2. Happy are those whom you choose to invite

Into your courts of instruction and light.

Teach us to know you; your Word is our guide.

Here in your temple, we wish to reside.

Awesome indeed is your powerful hand,

Giving your servants the courage to stand.

God of salvation, your Kingdom we hail.

Preach it we must, for it never will fail.

3. May your attention cause joy to abound;

In all the earth let your worship be found.

Crowned with your goodness, your Kingdom appears,

Wiping out sickness, death, sorrow, and tears.

All that is wicked, your Son will destroy;

Blessed creation will cry out for joy.

Shouting in triumph, oh, thanks let us sing:

“Praise to Jehovah, our glorious King!”