This issue contains the study articles for April 30 to June 3, 2018.

Baptism​—A Requirement for Christians

What does the Bible teach about baptism? What steps must a person take before being baptized? And why should a Christian teacher have the goal of baptism in mind when teaching his children or other Bible students?

Parents, Are You Helping Your Child Progress to Baptism?

What do Christian parents want to be sure of before their children are baptized?

The Delightful Course of Hospitality​—So Needed!

Why do the Scriptures urge Christians to show hospitality to one another? What opportunities do we have for extending hospitality? How can we overcome barriers that may hinder us from being hospitable?

Discipline​—Evidence of God’s Love

What can we learn from those whom God disciplined in the past? And when we need to give discipline, how can we imitate Jehovah’s example?

“Listen to Discipline and Become Wise”

In what ways does Jehovah teach us self-discipline? And how can we benefit from any discipline we may receive in the Christian congregation?