THE WATCHTOWER No. 5 2019 | Is This Life All There Is?

It is a common question, and the answer that a person accepts will deeply influence his life.

The Sad Reality of Death

No matter how hard we try, we have not been able to escape the effects of aging and death. Is this life all there is?

The Search for Long Life

Some biologists and geneticists are trying to unlock the secret of aging. What have been the results of such research?

We Are Designed to Live

Who of us does not want to enjoy a long and happy life?

Why Do We Grow Old and Die?

It was not God’s purpose for humans to die. Our first parents were created perfect in mind and body; they could have been alive today.

Conquering the Enemy Death​—How?

God made a loving provision to redeem mankind from the enemy death by paying a ransom.

How Can You Have More Than This Life?

There is a “road” you need to take to have the sort of life that God is preparing for those who love him.

Making the Most of Life Today

How can the Bible’s guidance help you to find contentment, to strengthen your marriage, or to cope with poor health?

What Hope for the Dead?

The Bible provides the answer.