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Studying the Keep on the Watch! Brochure

Studying the Keep on the Watch! Brochure

 Studying the Keep on the Watch! Brochure

Sign-language congregations and groups will soon be studying Keep on the Watch! at the Congregation Book Study. Please use the following questions when preparing for and when conducting this meeting. During the study, view the signed paragraphs, and read the cited scriptures as time permits.

Week of June 20

Pages 3-4: Which of the situations listed here have especially affected your life? What indicates to you that these situations are not merely isolated local events?

Page 5: What convinces you that God truly cares? What may indicate how much we care about God and what he is doing?

Pages 6-8: What does Matthew 24:1-8, 14 say about the meaning of present world conditions? As shown by 2 Timothy 3:1-5, in what time period are we now living? Of what are these the last days? What convinces you that the Bible really is God’s Word? What is the Kingdom about which we preach?

Week of June 27

Pages 9-10: Why should we carefully consider our daily decisions and our priorities in life? (Rom. 2:6; Gal. 6:7) As you review the questions on page 10, what scriptures come to your mind that should have a bearing on what you do?

Page 11: Why should we personally consider the questions raised on this page? (1 Cor. 10:12; Eph. 6:10-18) What do our answers to these questions reveal as to how seriously we take Jesus’ counsel at Matthew 24:44?

Week of July 4

Pages 12-14: What is “the hour of the judgment” referred to at Revelation 14:6, 7? What is meant by ‘fearing God and giving him glory’? What is Babylon the Great, and what will become of it? What action regarding Babylon the Great do we need to take now? What else is included in the foretold hour of judgment? What effect does our not knowing “the day nor the hour” for God’s foretold execution of judgment have on us? (Matt. 25:13)

Page 15: What is the issue of sovereignty, and how does it affect us individually?

Week of July 11

Pages 16-19: What are the “new heavens” and “new earth”? (2 Pet. 3:13) Who promises these things? What changes will the new heavens and new earth bring? Will we personally benefit from them?

Pages 20-1: What warning about fleeing did Jesus give to his first-century followers? (Luke 21:20, 21) When was such flight possible? Why was it urgent to flee without delay? (Matt. 24:16-18, 21) Why do many people ignore warnings? How did thousands of people in China and the Philippines benefit from heeding reliable warnings? Why is it even more urgent to heed the Bible’s warning about the end of the present system of things? In view of this great urgency, we have what responsibility? (Prov. 24:11, 12)

Pages 22-3: In Australia in 1974 and in Colombia in 1985, why did many lightly brush aside warnings of disaster, and with what results? How do you think you would have reacted to these warnings, and why? What may indicate whether we would have heeded the warning in Noah’s day? Why did people want to live in and around ancient Sodom? How can we benefit by thinking seriously about what happened in Sodom?

Our consideration of the brochure will help us to “keep on the watch” and prove ourselves ready. May our public ministry always reflect the urgency of the angelic proclamation: “Fear God and give him glory, because the hour of the judgment by him has arrived.”​—Matt. 24:42, 44; Rev. 14:7.