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“It Filled a Void in My Heart”

“It Filled a Void in My Heart”

 “It Filled a Void in My Heart”

“I THANK you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful gift Draw Close to Jehovah. It filled a void in my heart​—the need to feel loved and cherished by Jehovah. I feel so much closer to Jehovah and his dear Son now. I want to tell everyone about this book and to give a copy to all my loved ones.” That is how one of Jehovah’s Witnesses felt about the new 320-page book released at the “Zealous Kingdom Proclaimers” District Conventions held during 2002/03. Let us examine some features of this new book and why it was published.

Some Features of the New Book

What does this new book contain? All the information presented in the two study articles in this issue​—and a lot more! The book has 31 chapters, each about the length of a Watchtower study article. After the prologue and the first three chapters, the book is divided into four sections, one for each of Jehovah’s cardinal attributes. Each section opens with an overview of the quality. The next few chapters discuss how Jehovah manifests the attribute. Each section contains a chapter on Jesus. Why? Well, Jesus said: “He that has seen me has seen the Father also.” (John 14:9) A perfect reflection of Jehovah, Jesus provides us with vivid examples of God’s qualities in action. Each section concludes with a chapter teaching us how to imitate Jehovah in displaying the quality under consideration. In discussing Jehovah’s qualities, this new book makes reference to every book of the Bible.

The book Draw Close to Jehovah also contains some special features. Starting with chapter 2, each chapter contains a box entitled “Questions for Meditation.” The scriptures and questions provided are not intended as a review of the chapter. Rather, they are designed to help you use the Bible to meditate deeply on the subject. It is recommended that you read each of the Scripture passages carefully. Then ponder on the question and endeavor to make personal application. Such meditation can stir your heart, helping you draw ever closer to Jehovah.​—Psalm 19:14.

Artwork in the Draw Close to Jehovah book was carefully researched and prepared in order to teach and to motivate. Seventeen chapters contain beautiful full-page pictures of Biblical scenes.

Why Published?

Why was the book Draw Close to Jehovah published? The primary purpose of this new publication is to help us to come to know Jehovah better so that we might build a stronger personal relationship with our God.

Can you think of someone who might benefit from the Draw Close to Jehovah book, perhaps a Bible student or even an inactive Christian brother or sister? What about you​—have you started reading this new book? If not, why not schedule time to start as soon as possible? Take time to reflect on what you read. May this new publication help you to draw ever closer to Jehovah God, so that you will proclaim his Kingdom good news with heightened joy and zeal!