You Can Succeed Despite Your “Thorn in the Flesh”!

You Can Succeed Despite Your “Thorn in the Flesh”!

During these critical last days, thorny problems afflict all of God’s servants. (2Ti 3:1) How can we rely on Jehovah and successfully cope with these problems? Watch the video “The Eyes of the Blind Will Be Opened” to find out what Talita Alnashi and her parents have done, and then answer the following questions:

  • What is Talita’s “thorn in the flesh”?

  • What Bible promises have helped Talita and her parents maintain a positive attitude?

  • How did Talita’s parents demonstrate their reliance on Jehovah soon after her operation?

  • How have Talita’s parents made good use of theocratic resources to instill love for God in Talita’s heart?

  • How has Talita shown that she is growing spiritually despite her “thorn in the flesh”?

  • How has Talita’s example encouraged you?