How to Start Conversations With Tracts

How to Start Conversations With Tracts

Since January 2018, the cover of the Life and Ministry Meeting Workbook has featured sample conversations. We have been encouraged to focus on conversing with people rather than simply presenting literature to them. To help publishers adjust their approach, the sample conversation videos have shown how to start a conversation using only the Bible. Does this mean, however, that we should not use literature when preaching from house to house? Not at all! For example, tracts can be an effective way to start a conversation. We can use the following formula when using any of the tracts:

  1. Ask the multiple-choice question on the front.

  2. Show the Bible’s answer found in the scripture(s) at the top of the second page. If time allows, read and discuss some information from the inside of the tract.

  3. Give the tract to the householder, and encourage him to read the rest of it at his convenience.

  4. Before leaving, show the “To Think About” question and arrange to discuss the Bible’s answer next time.

When you return, discuss the answer and leave another question to be discussed next time. You might choose a question from our website or from the publication referred to on the back page. At an appropriate time, introduce the brochure Good News From God! or another study publication from the Teaching Toolbox.