Taught by Jehovah to Raise Our Family

Taught by Jehovah to Raise Our Family

What can couples learn from their heavenly Father, Jehovah, that will help them to raise their children successfully? Watch the video Taught by Jehovah to Raise Our Family, and then answer the following questions about Abilio and Ulla Amorim:

  • To what extent did their childhood prepare them for raising their own children?

  • What pleasant childhood memories did their children have?

  • How did Abilio and Ulla try to apply Deuteronomy 6:6, 7?

  • Why did they not just dictate laws to their children?

  • How did they help their children to build their own future?

  • They always encouraged their children to pursue full-time service despite what possible sacrifice? (bt 178 ¶19)