“Paul Thanked God and Took Courage”

“Paul Thanked God and Took Courage”

When the congregation in Rome heard that Paul was coming, a delegation of brothers journeyed some 40 miles (64 km) to meet him. How did their self-sacrificing love affect Paul? “On catching sight of them, Paul thanked God and took courage.” (Ac 28:15) Although Paul was known for building up the congregations that he visited, on this occasion when he was a prisoner, he was the one who received encouragement.​—2Co 13:10.

Today circuit overseers travel from congregation to congregation to build up the brothers and sisters. Like all of God’s people, at times they experience tiredness, anxiety, and discouragement. The next time the circuit overseer and his wife serve your congregation, what can you do to help them take courage, so that there is “an interchange of encouragement”?​—Ro 1:11, 12.

  • Support the meetings for field service. The circuit overseer is encouraged when publishers make sacrifices to benefit fully from the special week of activity. (1Th 1:2, 3; 2:20) Consider auxiliary pioneering during the month of his visit. Could you offer to work with him and his wife in the ministry or take one of them with you on a Bible study? They enjoy working with different publishers, including those who are new or who lack a measure of skill in the ministry.

  • Offer hospitality. Could you offer sleeping accommodations or a meal? This shows the circuit overseer and his wife that you love them. They do not expect anything elaborate.​—Lu 10:38-42.

  • Listen to and apply his direction and counsel. The circuit overseer lovingly helps us to see how we can improve in our service to Jehovah. At times, he may have to give strong counsel. (1Co 5:1-5) It brings him joy when we are obedient and submissive.​—Heb 13:17.

  • Express appreciation. Tell the circuit overseer and his wife how their efforts benefited you. You can do this in person or by means of a note or card.​—Col 3:15.