How Can You Show Loyalty to Jehovah?

How Can You Show Loyalty to Jehovah?

Take your stand on God’s side. 1 Peter 5:6-9

Avoid taking part in any customs that are not in agreement with the Bible. It takes courage to do this.

Do not get involved in the political affairs of the nations; they do not support Jehovah and his Kingdom.

Make the right choice​—listen to God. Matthew 7:24, 25

Associate with Jehovah’s Witnesses; they will help you draw close to God.

Continue to learn about God and try to obey his commandments.

When your faith has become strong, you should dedicate your life to Jehovah and get baptized.​—Matthew 28:19.

Listen to God. Read the Bible, and ask Jehovah’s Witnesses to help you understand it. Then, apply what you learn. If you do, you will live forever.​—Psalm 37:29.