What Was Life Like in Paradise?

What Was Life Like in Paradise?

Jehovah gave Adam and Eve many good things. Genesis 1:28

Jehovah made the first woman, Eve, and gave her to Adam to be his wife.​—Genesis 2:21, 22.

Jehovah created them with minds and bodies that were perfect, without any flaw.

Their Paradise home was the garden of Eden​—a place of great beauty with a river and fruit trees and animals.

Jehovah spoke to them; he taught them. If they listened to him, they would live forever in Paradise on earth.

God said not to eat from one of the trees. Genesis 2:16, 17

Jehovah showed Adam and Eve one fruit tree in the garden and told them that if they ate from it, they would die.

One of the angels rebelled against God. That wicked angel is Satan the Devil.

Satan did not want Adam and Eve to obey Jehovah. So he used a serpent to tell Eve that if she ate the fruit from that tree, she would not die, but she would be like God. Of course, that was a lie.​—Genesis 3:1-5.