What Must We Do to Please God?

What Must We Do to Please God?

Avoid what is bad. 1 Corinthians 6:9, 10

If we love Jehovah, we will not do things that he hates.

Jehovah does not want us to steal, to get drunk, or to abuse drugs.

God hates murder, abortion, and homosexuality. He does not want us to be greedy or to fight with others.

We must not worship idols or practice spiritism.

In the earthly Paradise to come, there will be no place for people who do bad things.

Do what is good. Matthew 7:12

To be pleasing to God, we must try to be like him.

Show love to others by being kind and generous.

Be honest.

Be merciful and forgiving.

Tell others about Jehovah and his ways.​—Isaiah 43:10.