What Does the Death of Jesus Mean for You?

What Does the Death of Jesus Mean for You?

Jesus died so that we might live. John 3:16

Three days after Jesus died, some women visited his tomb and found it empty. Jehovah had raised Jesus from the dead.

Jesus later appeared to his apostles.

Yes, Jehovah had resurrected Jesus to life as a powerful, immortal spirit creature. Jesus’ disciples saw him go up to heaven.

God resurrected Jesus and made him King of God’s Kingdom. Daniel 7:13, 14

Jesus gave up his life to pay a ransom for mankind. (Matthew 20:28) By means of that ransom, God makes it possible for us to live forever.

Jehovah appointed Jesus as King to rule over the earth. With him will be 144,000 faithful people who are resurrected from the earth to life in heaven. Jesus and the 144,000 form a righteous heavenly government​—God’s Kingdom.​—Revelation 14:1-3.

God’s Kingdom will make the earth a paradise. War, crime, poverty, and hunger will be no more. People will be truly happy.​—Psalm 145:16.