They Listened to Satan​—With What Results?

They Listened to Satan​—With What Results?

Adam and Eve did not obey God, so they died. Genesis 3:6, 23

Eve listened to the serpent and ate of the fruit. Afterward, she gave some to Adam, and he ate it.

What they did was wrong​—it was a sin. God made them leave their Paradise home.

Life was hard for them and their children. They grew old and died. They did not go to the spirit world; they ceased to exist.

The dead are as lifeless as the dust. Genesis 3:19

We die because we all come from Adam and Eve. The dead are not able to see or hear or do anything.​—Ecclesiastes 9:5, 10.

Jehovah did not mean for people to die. Soon he will bring back to life those asleep in death. If they listen to him, they will live forever.