Who Are Doing Jehovah’s Will Today?

Jehovah’s Witnesses are found worldwide and are from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds. What has brought this diverse group together?

What Is God’s Will?

God wants his will to be made known throughout the earth. What is that will, and who today are teaching others about it?

What Sort of People Are Jehovah’s Witnesses?

How many of Jehovah’s Witnesses do you know? What do you really know about us?

Why Are We Called Jehovah’s Witnesses?

Consider three reasons why we adopted this name.

How Was Bible Truth Rediscovered?

How can we be sure that we have a correct understanding of what the Bible teaches?

Why Have We Produced the New World Translation?

What makes this translation of God’s Word stand out as unique?

What Will You Experience at Our Christian Meetings?

We meet together to study the Scriptures and to encourage one another. You will be warmly welcomed!

How Does Association With Fellow Christians Benefit Us?

God’s Word encourages Christian fellowship. Learn how you can benefit from this type of association.

What Are Our Meetings Like?

Have you ever wondered what takes place at our meetings? You will no doubt be impressed by the quality of Bible education you can receive there.

Why Do We Dress Up for Our Meetings?

Does what we wear matter to God? Learn what Bible principles guide our choices in dress and grooming.

How Can We Best Prepare for the Meetings?

Advance preparation for our meetings will help you gain the most benefit from them.

What Is Family Worship?

Discover how this arrangement can help you to draw close to God and strengthen your family bond.

Why Do We Attend Large Assemblies?

Each year, we meet together for three special events. How can you benefit from these gatherings?

How Is Our Kingdom-Preaching Work Organized?

We follow the pattern set by Jesus when he was on earth. What are some of these preaching methods?

What Is a Pioneer?

Some Witnesses devote 30, 50, or even more hours a month to the preaching work. What motivates them?

What Schooling Is Provided for Pioneers?

What special training is provided for those who devote their full time to the Kingdom-preaching work?

How Do the Elders Serve the Congregation?

Elders are spiritually mature men who take the lead in the congregation. What assistance do they provide?

What Is the Role of the Ministerial Servants?

Ministerial servants help the congregation to function smoothly. Learn how their work benefits all who attend.

How Do Circuit Overseers Help Us?

For what purpose do circuit overseers visit the congregations? How can you benefit from their visits?

How Do We Help Our Brothers in Distress?

When disaster strikes, we quickly arrange to provide both practical assistance and spiritual comfort to those affected. In what ways?

Who Is the Faithful and Discreet Slave?

Jesus promised that he would appoint a slave to dispense timely spiritual food. How is this done?

How Does the Governing Body Function Today?

In the first century, a small group of older men and apostles served as a governing body for the Christian congregation. What about today?

What Is Bethel?

Bethel is a unique place with a very important objective. Learn more about those who serve there.

What Is Done at a Branch Office?

Visitors are welcome to take a guided tour of any of our branch offices. We invite you to do that!

How Is Our Literature Written and Translated?

We produce literature in more than 750 languages. Why do we put forth such effort?

How Is Our Worldwide Work Financed?

When it comes to financing, what makes our organization different from other religions?

Kingdom Halls—Why and How Are They Built?

Why are our places of worship called Kingdom Halls? Learn more about how these modest structures help our congregations.

How Can We Help Maintain Our Kingdom Hall?

A clean and well-maintained Kingdom Hall brings praise to our God. What arrangements are made to care for the local Kingdom Hall?

How Can the Kingdom Hall Library Benefit Us?

Would you like to do some research to increase your knowledge of the Bible? Visit the Kingdom Hall library!

What Can Be Found on Our Website?

You can learn more about us and our beliefs as well as get answers to your Bible questions.

Will You Do Jehovah’s Will?

Jehovah God truly loves you. How can you demonstrate your desire to please Him in your daily life?