How to get the most out of this Bible course

How to get the most out of this Bible course
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First consider this overview, and then play the VIDEO.


To prepare for each lesson, read the first part. Bold questions (A) and scriptures (B) emphasize the main points. Note that some scriptures are marked to “read.”


The initial statement (C) under Dig Deeper explains what follows. Subheadings (D) outline the discussion. With a teacher, read the scriptures, answer the questions, and watch the videos.

VIDEO boxes direct you to multimedia that supplement the text. Some videos present real accounts. Others are dramatizations that do not portray real events or people but depict realistic situations.

Consider the artwork and captions (E), and think of how to answer what Some People Say (F).


Summary and Review (G) wrap up the lesson. Enter the date when the lesson is completed. Goal (H) gives you something to work on. Explore (I) contains optional information for you to read or watch.

How to find Bible verses

The Bible is a collection of 66 smaller books. It is divided into two sections: the Hebrew-Aramaic Scriptures (“Old Testament”) and the Christian Greek Scriptures (“New Testament”).

When a scripture is cited in this course, it is indicated by the name of the Bible book (A), followed by the chapter (B), and the verse or verses (C).

For example, John 17:3 refers to the book of John, chapter 17, verse 3.