Information for Delegates

Information for Delegates

ATTENDANTS The attendants are assigned to assist you. Please cooperate fully with them by following their direction with regard to parking, crowd movement, seat saving, and other matters.

BAPTISM Seats for baptism candidates will be reserved on the main floor in front of the stage unless otherwise indicated. Candidates for baptism should be seated there before the baptism discourse begins on Saturday morning. Each one should bring a towel and a modest bathing suit.

DONATIONS At considerable cost, arrangements have been made to provide adequate seating, a sound system, video equipment, and many other services that make attending the convention enjoyable and assist us in drawing closer to Jehovah. Your voluntary donations help to cover these expenses and also support the worldwide work. For your convenience, clearly marked contribution boxes are located throughout the facility. All donations are very much appreciated. The Governing Body wishes to thank you for your generous support of Kingdom interests.

FIRST AID Please bear in mind that this is for EMERGENCIES ONLY.

LOST AND FOUND All unclaimed items should be taken to the Lost and Found Department. If you have lost anything, go to this department and identify your belongings. Children who have strayed from parents and are lost should be taken to this department. However, to avoid needless stress for all involved, please look after your children and keep them with you.

SEATING Please be considerate of others. Remember, seats may be saved only for immediate family and those traveling with you in the same vehicle, living with you in the same home, or currently studying the Bible with you. Please do not store things on seats that you are not saving.

VOLUNTEER SERVICE If you wish to assist with the work involved in the convention arrangement, please report to the Information and Volunteer Service Department.


SCHOOL FOR KINGDOM EVANGELIZERS Pioneers between the ages of 23 and 65 who are interested in expanding their ministry are invited to attend the meeting for applicants to the School for Kingdom Evangelizers on Sunday afternoon. The exact time and location for this meeting will be announced.

Arranged by the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses