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The Bible Changes Lives

In these first-person accounts, see how God’s Word has changed the lives of people around the world for the better.

Meaningful Life

Johny and Gideon: Once Enemies, Now Brothers

In some areas, racial hatred is an inescapable part of everyday life. See how two men in South Africa overcame this.

When Will Loyal Love Triumph Over Hatred?

Overcoming prejudice can be difficult. See how a Jew and a Palestinian were able to do so successfully.

Jehovah Has Done So Much for Me

What Bible truth helped Crystal, a victim of sexual abuse as a child, to build a relationship with God and to find real meaning in life?

I No Longer Feel Ashamed of Myself

Learn how Israel Martínez overcame a deep-rooted inferiority complex and gained self-respect.

I Wanted to Fight Injustice

Rafika joined a revolutionary group to fight social injustice. But she found the Bible’s promise of peace and justice under God’s Kingdom.

I Put Down My Rifle

See how the Bible’s comforting message helped Cindy to change her aggressive personality.

Changed Beliefs

“I Had More Questions Than Answers”

What convinced Mario, a former church pastor, that Jehovah’s Witnesses teach the truth about the Bible?

I Gave Up on Religion

Tom wanted to believe in God but became disillusioned with religion and its empty rituals. How did his study of the Bible help him to find hope?

Drugs and Alcohol

“I Am No Longer a Slave of Violence”

On the first day at his new job, Michael Kuenzle was asked, “Do you think that God is responsible for the suffering in the world?” This marked a turning point in his life.

My Life Was Spiraling Out of Control

Solomone moved to the United States, hoping to find a better life. Instead, he began abusing drugs and ended up in prison. What helped him to straighten out his life?

I Got Fed Up With My Lifestyle

Dmitry Korshunov was an alcoholic, but he began to read the Bible every day. What motivated him to make drastic changes in his life?

Crime and Violence

“I Am No Longer a Cruel Man”

What motivated Sébastien Kayira to give up his violent and abusive behavior?

“I Was Digging My Own Grave”

What moved a former gang member from El Salvador to turn his life around?

Now I View People Differently

Sobantu studied Bible truths and left his violent lifestyle. He now visits his neighbors to teach them about a world free of crime and gangsters.

Sports, Music, and Entertainment

“Martial Arts Were My Passion”

Erwin Lamsfus once asked a friend, “Have you ever wondered why we are here?” The answer changed his life.

Strength Comes From Serving Jehovah

One Bible verse assured Hércules that he could replace his aggressive personality with a new one that is calmer and more loving.