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Bethel Tours

We warmly invite you to tour our branch offices, generally referred to as Bethel. Some of our offices also have self-guided exhibits.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Alert: In many countries, we have suspended tours of our branches. For details, please contact the branch you would like to tour.

South Africa

Tour Reservations

Should you make a reservation before arriving for a tour? Yes. To prevent overcrowding and ensure that all enjoy their tour, we ask that all visitors reserve a tour before their visit, regardless of the size of the group. Reserve your tour at least one week in advance. For visits on public holidays, please book further in advance.

If you do not have a reservation, will you still be able to take a tour? If you do not reserve a tour, we may not be able to accommodate you. Because of the space available, only a limited number will be able to tour each day.

What time should you arrive for your tour? To prevent overcrowding, please arrive no earlier than one hour before your tour reservation.

How do you reserve a tour? Click the button “Make a Reservation.”

Can you change or cancel a tour reservation? Yes. Click the button “View or Change Reservations.”

What if no tours are available on your preferred dates? Keep checking the site. Tours become available as reservations are changed or canceled.


1 Robert Broom Drive East





+27 11-761-1002


Home Visitor Centre: The tour starts in the Bethel Home, with an introductory video. A number of videos along the tour give you a behind-the-scenes look into what happens at Bethel and how Bethel supports our worship. Children may enjoy having their picture taken with Caleb and Sophia in the Become Jehovah’s Friend area.

Printery 2 Visitor Centre: Three videos illustrate the value of translating and printing literature in local languages. A viewing deck gives a bird’s-eye view of both of our rotary offset presses in action. The highlight is a Bible display showing the history of how God’s name was used in the Bible in some local languages.

Printery 3 Visitor Centre: A viewing deck allows you to see the entire shipping floor, and a display with live data shows the destinations of the packed literature. Three videos showcase Kingdom Hall construction, shipping, and the production of audio and video publications.

Visitor Rest Area: Enjoy your own picnic lunch in this parklike area. This is the parking area for buses and is used for all vehicles on public holidays.

Transport: Shuttle buses provide transportation between the visitor centres.


Prints and binds books, magazines, brochures, and tracts in more than 150 languages, and ships to thousands of congregations in 20 lands. Translates the Bible and Bible-based literature and videos into more than 20 languages. Through the Regional Design/Construction Department, the branch supports Kingdom Hall construction in 42 African lands.

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