How Can I Get Along With My Teacher?

How Can I Get Along With My Teacher?

Stop and think!

Consider Rachel’s experience. Rachel had been receiving A’s and B’s on her report cards. Then, when she reached grade 7, things changed. “My teacher did everything he could to make me fail his class,” says Rachel. What was the problem? The teacher made it obvious to both Rachel and her mother that he did not like their religion.

Teachers are like stepping-stones that can help you cross from ignorance to understanding, but you must do the walking

What happened? Rachel says: “Each time it seemed clear that the teacher allowed his prejudice to affect the way he graded my work, Mom would come with me to discuss the matter with him. Eventually, he stopped giving me a hard time.”

If you experience a similar challenge, have the courage to speak to your parents about it. No doubt, they will be interested in speaking to the teacher and possibly the school administration to work out a solution.

Admittedly, not all tangled affairs have neat endings. At times, you just have to endure. (Romans 12:17, 18) “One of my teachers had a bad attitude toward his students,” says Tanya. “He often insulted us, calling us stupid. At first he made me cry, but I learned not to take his insults personally. I focused on my work and kept myself busy in his class. As a result, he didn’t bother me much, and I was one of the few who received decent grades. After two years, that teacher was fired.”

The bottom line: Learn how to cope with a difficult teacher, and you’ll gain a valuable life skill—one that will serve you well when you have a difficult boss to deal with. (1 Peter 2:18) You’ll also learn to treasure good teachers when they come along.