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Habits and Addictions

Personal Habits

How Can I Resist Temptation?

Consider three important steps to overcome improper desires.

Tobacco, Drugs, and Alcohol

What Should I Know About Alcohol?

Learn how to avoid legal trouble, a damaged reputation, sexual assault, addiction, and death.

I Got Fed Up With My Lifestyle

Dmitry Korshunov was an alcoholic, but he began to read the Bible every day. What motivated him to make drastic changes in his life?

Electronic Media

Who’s in Control​—You or Your Devices?

You live in a wired world, but technology does not have to control you. How can you tell if you are addicted to your device? If there’s a problem, how can you take back control?


What if I’m Addicted to Pornography?

The Bible can help you to understand pornography for what it is.

What Does the Bible Say About Pornography and Cybersex?

Sex-based entertainment has become prevalent. Does its popularity make it acceptable?