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My Book of Bible Stories

Story 5: A Hard Life Begins

OUTSIDE the garden of Eden, Adam and Eve had many troubles. They had to work hard for their food. Instead of beautiful fruit trees, they saw lots of thorns and thistles grow around them. This is what happened when Adam and Eve disobeyed God and stopped being His friends.

Adam working hard with his son

But worse than that, Adam and Eve started to die. Remember, God warned them that they would die if they ate fruit from a certain tree. Well, the very day that they ate they began to die. How foolish they were not to listen to God!

The children of Adam and Eve were all born after God put their parents out of the garden of Eden. This means that the children would also have to grow old and die.

If only Adam and Eve had obeyed Jehovah, life would have been happy for them and their children. They could all have lived forever in happiness on earth. No one would have had to grow old, get sick and die.

God wants people to live forever in happiness, and He promises that someday they will. Not only will the whole earth be beautiful, but all the people will be healthy. And everyone on earth will be a good friend with everyone else and with God.

Eve with her children

But Eve was no longer a friend of God. So when she gave birth to her children, it was not easy for her. She had pain. Being disobedient to Jehovah certainly brought her a lot of sorrow, don’t you agree?

Adam and Eve had many sons and daughters. When their first son was born, they named him Cain. They named their second son Abel. What happened to them? Do you know?

Genesis 3:16-23; 4:1, 2; Revelation 21:3, 4.


  • What was life like for Adam and Eve outside the garden of Eden?
  • What started to happen to Adam and Eve, and why?
  • Why would Adam and Eve’s children grow old and die?
  • If Adam and Eve had obeyed Jehovah, what would life have been like for them and their children?
  • How did Eve’s disobedience cause her pain?
  • What were the names of Adam and Eve’s first two sons?
  • Who are the other children in the picture?

Additional questions