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Ruth 4:1-22


  • Boaz acts as a repurchaser (1-12)

  • Obed born to Boaz and Ruth (13-17)

  • Genealogy of David (18-22)

4  Now Bo′az went up to the city gate+ and sat there. And look! the repurchaser whom Bo′az had mentioned+ passed by. At that Bo′az said: “Come here and sit down, So-and-so.” And he went over and sat down.  Then Bo′az took ten of the city elders+ and said: “Sit down here.” So they sat down.  Bo′az now said to the repurchaser:+ “Na·o′mi, who has returned from the fields of Mo′ab,+ must sell the plot of land that belonged to our brother E·lim′e·lech.+  So I thought I should disclose it to you and say, ‘Buy it in front of the inhabitants and the elders of my people.+ If you will repurchase it, repurchase it. But if you will not repurchase it, tell me so that I will know, for you have the claim to repurchase it, and I am next in line after you.’” He replied: “I am willing to repurchase it.”+  Then Bo′az said: “On the day you buy the field from Na·o′mi, you must also buy it from Ruth the Mo′ab·i·tess, the wife of the dead man, in order to restore the name of the dead man to his inheritance.”+  To this the repurchaser said: “I am unable to repurchase it, for I may ruin my own inheritance. Repurchase it for yourself with my right of repurchase, because I am not able to repurchase it.”  Now this was the custom of former times in Israel concerning the right of repurchase and exchange to validate every sort of transaction: A man had to remove his sandal+ and give it to the other party, and this was the manner of confirming an agreement* in Israel.  So when the repurchaser said to Bo′az, “Buy it for yourself,” he removed his sandal.  Then Bo′az said to the elders and all the people: “You are witnesses+ today that I am buying from Na·o′mi all that belonged to E·lim′e·lech and all that belonged to Chil′i·on and Mah′lon. 10  I am also acquiring Ruth the Mo′ab·i·tess, the wife of Mah′lon, as a wife to restore the name of the dead man to his inheritance,+ so that the name of the dead man will not be cut off from among his brothers and from the city gate of his home. You are witnesses today.”+ 11  At this all the people who were in the city gate and the elders said: “We are witnesses! May Jehovah grant the wife who is entering your house to be like Rachel and like Le′ah, both of whom built the house of Israel.+ May you prosper in Eph′ra·thah+ and make a good name* in Beth′le·hem.+ 12  May your house become like the house of Pe′rez,+ whom Ta′mar bore to Judah, through the offspring that Jehovah will give you by this young woman.”+ 13  So Bo′az took Ruth and she became his wife. He had relations with her, and Jehovah let her conceive and she gave birth to a son. 14  Then the women said to Na·o′mi: “Praised be Jehovah, who has not left you without a repurchaser today. May his name be proclaimed in Israel! 15  He* has restored* your life* and will sustain you in your old age, because he has been born to your daughter-in-law, who loves you+ and is better to you than seven sons.” 16  Na·o′mi took the child and held him to her bosom, and she cared for him.* 17  Then the neighbor women gave him a name. They said, “A son has been born to Na·o′mi,” and they named him O′bed.+ He is the father of Jes′se,+ David’s father. 18  Now this is the family line* of Pe′rez:+ Pe′rez became father to Hez′ron;+ 19  Hez′ron became father to Ram; Ram became father to Am·min′a·dab;+ 20  Am·min′a·dab+ became father to Nah′shon; Nah′shon became father to Sal′mon; 21  Sal′mon became father to Bo′az; Bo′az became father to O′bed; 22  O′bed became father to Jes′se;+ and Jes′se became father to David.+


Or “the attestation.”
Lit., “proclaim a name.”
That is, Naomi’s grandson.
Or “has become a restorer of.”
Or “soul.”
Or “became his nurse.”
Lit., “these are the generations.”

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