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Psalms 58:1-11


  • There is a God who judges the earth

    • Prayer to punish the wicked (6-8)

To the director; set to “Do Not Bring to Ruin.” Of David. Mik′tam.* 58  Can you speak about righteousness when you are silent?+ Can you judge in uprightness, you sons of men?+ 2   Instead, you devise unrighteousness in your heart,+ And your hands dispense violence in the land.+ 3   The wicked go astray* from birth;*
They are wayward, liars from the time they are born.
4   Their venom is like the venom of serpents;+ They are deaf like the cobra that stops up its ear. 5   It will not listen to the voice of charmers,
No matter how skillful their spells.
6   O God, knock the teeth out of their mouth! Break the jaws of these lions,* O Jehovah! 7   May they disappear like waters that drain away. May He bend his bow and make them fall by his arrows. 8   May they be like a snail that melts away as it moves along;
Like a woman’s stillborn child who never sees the sun.
9   Before your cooking pots feel the heat of the bramble,
He will sweep away both the moist and the burning twig, as in a storm wind.+
10  The righteous one will rejoice because he has seen the vengeance;+ His feet will be drenched with the blood of the wicked.+ 11  Then men will say: “Surely there is a reward for the righteous.+ There is indeed a God who judges in the earth.”+


Or “are corrupt.”
Lit., “from the womb.”
Or “maned young lions.”